Cocaine is basically an organic compound that usually exists in plants of Northern South America. This plant is also found in minimal amount in India, Africa and Indonesia. The height of the plant may vary depending upon the elevation of the location. At higher locations, the plant may reach up to approximately 9 feet of height. The reason behind this strange concept is that at higher elevations the alkaloid content in the plant is greatly reduced because of high growth.  The reaping pattern however initially is after two years of plantation. But later on it can increase up to three times in a year. The leaves are first dried and are then converted to a paste like form which is finally used for the production of cocaine hydrochloride. The actual yield of hydrochloride from the leaves is in lesser amount then the weight of the leaves. Thus paste and other hydrochlorides that are extracted from the leaves are approximately in the ratio of one to hundred (that is for every hundred kilograms of leaves, the paste attained would be of one kilogram).

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