Mass Spectrometry

The technique of mass spectrometry is very sensitive and versatile enough to identify chemical compounds according to their structures. The MS instruments can analyze the large and small molecules via measuring their mass to charge ratio. These applications are commonly used in sciences such as physics, biology, biomedicine, toxicology and chemistry along with research and academics. The advances in electronics and technology have allowed MS to be widely incorporated in the forensic and drug testing fields.

MS applications have been commonly used over the last two decades as they are easily available, affordable and more compact. Manufacturers have models that are comparatively user friendly and inexpensive. However, while purchasing MS equipment, one needs to purchase separator and purifiers. Most commonly used ones include GC – gas chromatography but LC – liquid chromatography and CE – capillary electrophoresis are increasingly popular as well. Many kinds of MS instruments are being used which run on properties pertaining to physics. However, their basic function is the same, i.e. performing the measurement of m/z ratio.

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