Conventional GC-MS methods are unquestionable as the gold standard in the field of forensic testing confirmatory methods. The quickness, sensitivity, versatility and the selectivity of these methods have made them the mandate in workplace drug testing regimes, also being used easily to pass urine drug test. Much advancement in the methods of GC-MS has caused better reproducibility and has enhanced their sensitivity. These tests are now more affordable and user friendly. Many databases have now emerged to match the mass spectra of the compounds which have ensured that GC-MS remains the dominant technique to be used. But now, latest technologies have emerged like the LC-MS, TOF-MS, FTICR-MS and MSn which are now being frequently utilized as confirmatory methods. Their benefits include more sensitivity and specificity, less sample preparation and more applicability of the compound which are now exploring newer dimensions of forensic drug testing mechanism. The drug and drug metabolite confirmation lies in these newer techniques. Their increasing popularity and prevalence is clear due to peer review articles that are published related to the application of this technology in the field of forensic sciences. These latest techniques, as they become more acceptable are being further implemented in the forensic sciences, leading to their increased application and the opening of newer dimensions to drug testing regimes.

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