Opoids are a broadly used group of drugs and because of the ever-increasing frequency of the use of more Opoids, this class of drug has become more demanding in workplace drug testing These programs focus on the conventional detection of morphine/codeine and heroin usage by the detection of 6-AM, the larger array of Opoids used in the population creates more immunoassay positives that do not verify for morphine/codeine/6-AM. Some populations may be tested, such as medical professionals and those in a pain management plan, present a challenge of potentially having a wide array of Opoids present. Although historically problems have been encountered with unwitting exposure to morphine/codeine through food sources producing positive results that were rectified by increasing cutoffs in light of the wide array of Opoids now prevalent there is an increased risk of absent illegal usage in a tested population. Workplace programs need to have a high-quality understanding of the cross-reactions of the screening reagents used and choose reagents to best meet the goals of the testing program. Screening and verification for target compounds that are indicative of illicit usage (such as 6-AM) must also be considered to help a program address the challenges of this class of drug.

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