Presence in the forensic drug-testing laboratories should be restricted; only people with an approved reason should be given access. This generally includes workers and inspectors. In cases where customers or attorneys are allowed to visit the laboratories, they must be segregated from the laboratory through security controls or must be escorted during their presence in the security region. Proving a barrier to unauthorized access, the security system must identify any intrusions that may occur. Though the security system must identify authorized access, it must not restrict access at the same level as required for facilities such as drug vaults or chemical weapons facilities. The security level is set to convince the triers-of-fact that their tested specimens were not manipulated by intruders.

Automated locked doors are used in the security systems of most drug-testing laboratories that are accessed by issued keys, security badges, and/or personal identification codes. To know who was present in the laboratory at what times, records of personnel entries and exits must be kept by the system which can be retrieved whenever needed. Collection of this record should be kept for the same period required for the storage of testing records. In large laboratories personnel can be challenged by employees if they are restricted authority to access in various areas; thus, they must wear identification badges. To show entries and exits into records and specimen storage areas, a different access log must be maintained. This system is extended to other internal areas such as screening and confirmation testing rooms by many laboratories. Locked doors and log books are used in laboratories which do not have automated security systems to record signing in and out of personnel.

Off-site storage records are maintained by many large laboratories. Similar requirements are applicable to these sites like the authorization of laboratory personnel to retrieve records for legitimate purposes, such as responding discovery requests from courts and preparing litigation packets. Furthermore, access is granted to some personnel working in the storage company and they are usually bonded.

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