Even though there are many ways to pass a drug test, but the FDA has approved with cleared immunoassays, a consistent and exact collection device known as the Sweat Patch. Several respected research centers have published articles demonstrating the accuracy and utility of the sweat patch, with recent federal regulatory recognition as a testing device proposed for use in federal workplace drug-testing programs. The major advantage of the sweat patch for the detection of drug use is its continual monitoring over the typical 1-week period of sweat patch wear. The sweat patch has been primarily utilized in criminal justice and treatment settings and its use in workplace drug-testing programs is expected to be limited to those employees who have an acknowledged drug problem and/or are subjected to last chance agreements.

Although, as with any drug-testing matrix, in drug test urine, there have been challenges to the interpretation of results, with claims of false positives from environmental exposure, these claims have not rigorously demonstrated that anyone wearing a sweat patch in a real-world setting would be likely to have, or  in fact has had, a false-positive test result. By far, the majority of courts that have examined the accuracy and reliability of the sweat patch in light of such challenges have found it to be reliable, eliminating as many chances as possible to beat drug test.

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